Hatsune Miku Opening for Lady Gaga?

Let’s get the facts out of the way: Lady Gaga announced about a week ago that Hatsune Miku, the original and popular digital sensation, will be opening for Lady Gaga’s artPOP Ball from May 6 to June 3.

I’m going to be real here. If I were still a sophomore in high school, watching a live performance of this projected hologram would have been the dream. Honestly, it was all my friend and I could talk about–we loved Hatsune Miku, and not really for what she was, but for what she could be.

She’s a Vocaloid, but at her core, she’s something greater. I’ve been thinking about what it could be, and hear me out–I think I finally understand my Vocaloid phase.

What makes her such a great icon, and what probably makes her so likable for Gaga, is the fact that Hatsune Miku is a blank slate.  She is not set or pre-programmed. Her image is a given creation, but we give her content. We fill her up with our own art.

Nothing until we give her purpose, Hatsune Miku can be anything we want her to be. Anything you find on the internet with her being featured was fan-made–the art, the songs, the videos, the games, the comics. Fans made these things.

Fuck the rich bastards and their high horses. Fuck mass media and it’s desperate need to please society with it’s non-negotiable standards. Fuck you for trying to control my art–I make it for myself. 

And that’s one of the interpretations of what Hatsune Miku is. She is a rebel, an outlet for those in need–she is art waiting to burst. Because isn’t that what artPOP’s about? Not just a combination of Art and Pop, but a movement. artPOP is art rebellion, a catharsis from harsh realities meant to destroy dreams, but only revealed self-empowerment and destruction in its wake.

I’m not that into Hatsune Miku anymore–to be completely honest, I was livid when I found out that she was opening for Lady Gaga. I spent so much money on tickets, and it wasn’t to see a fake celebrity sing at me in her input computer voice. And personally if anyone, I would have preferred to see Studio Killers. (If you haven’t heard of them, please check out their debut album and youtube channel).

But I thought about it, like I said, and I get the meaning now.

I get what Gaga is saying with this, where she’s going with this. I’m still unsure about what to expect, because let’s face it. Hatsune Miku can be anything–what is Lady Gaga going to make her?



  1. See that vote result?? Wipe your sorry as* mor*n!! You claimed you like Miku, but you said: “I spent so much money on tickets, and it wasn’t to see a fake celebrity sing at me in her input computer voice”. That statement alone makes all your positive opinion about Miku above sounds like a complete BS, you still doesn’t understand the true essence of “Hatsune Miku” so until you truly do, i suggest you to keep your mouth shut.

    • I don’t know your reading level, but that sentence is in past tense and shows my initial reaction when I found out, because I was expecting Lady Starlight and not Hatusne Miku. Just so you know, an initial reaction is the very first reaction you have to something before thinking about it–this post is a reflection on my initial reaction, meaning I wrote it a few days after I found out and had time to think about it.

      And I don’t know how old you are, but your comment is really rude and it didn’t have to be. I’m still seeing Gaga live and Miku live, so I’m not really the loser here, am I?

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