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I’ve been meaning to blog about artRAVE–which was amazing, btw–but I’m waiting on pictures and I’ve been really busy studying for finals. It was a great breather though. But.  

I just seriously need to say that nothing is more annoying than a 33-year-old who’s mentally 19 and has a serious case of angst; easily irritable, impatient, ignorant, and not to mention he likes to think he’s right about everything or that he makes the best argument.

Allow me to demonstrate: 

  • Someone accidentally hits him with an umbrella. “I would support a legislation to ban umbrellas. Get a raincoat, asshole.”
  • Shares an editorial opinion about abortion as a factual article. “Still support abortion?” 
  • Claims we live in a post-racial society. “Why do (insert ethnic group here) always (insert activity here)?”
  • Claims he can commit to an important project. “I didn’t know you guys would take it so seriously.”
  • Always cancels when we need him, for said project, so we re-schedule around his schedule. “You guys don’t work around my schedule.”
  • Constantly complains about the entire process. “You don’t have to be so bitchy about this.”


Should I remind you I’m talking about a grown 33-year-old man who pays bills and has a job? What are you doing calling teenagers bitchy because the project goes into their portfolio for a competitive program? What are you doing complaining when if you actually focused on what you were doing we wouldn’t need you as often? What are you doing always canceling when we warned you if you couldn’t commit you should say no and we would find someone else? 

And why is everything so extreme and never your fault? I mean really. I’ll add he’s constantly posting statuses about failed relationships and things like that, but are you really surprised when this type of shit comes out of his mouth? God almighty. 


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