What Adventure Time Taught Me


It’s about to get really real out here.

Every time someone asks me about my summer, I scrunch up my nose and look away before shrugging, “Eh, it was okay, I guess.”

If it’s a close friend I’d say this to, they’d be really concerned and ask me what happened. And every single time, I tell them–“It started with an Adventure Time episode…”

Now, I don’t feel like sharing my summertime sadness with people who may or may not read my posts, but I will try to be as vague as possible as to what Adventure Time is alluding to. The episode “Breezy” (s06e06) was Finn making out with different princesses, trying to breathe life to a fire that died when Flame Princess broke up with him. When the Bee had asked him what it was like kissing one of the princesses, he simply said, “You know, I don’t feel anything. I feel nothing.”

And I felt for him.

This episode doesn’t mirror something that happened to me. But it mirrors a feeling of heartbreak that’s been in self-repair for the past two months. I’ve always told people how important Adventure Time is, how intelligent the show itself is. Adventure Time has had its magical effect on me before, but this–this is so different.

What did it teach me? Well…

You definitely have to love yourself. You can’t think a physical fling is going to pull you up from whatever emotional pit you’ve thrown yourself in. You can’t think that getting over something is as simple as finding someone who desires you.

Dependency is easy to fall into, but you need to remember that you are the only thing that you have. You don’t belong to anyone but yourself. You cannot allow yourself to depend on someone who might not be there the way that you want them to be. Because honestly? The person you want there most might just up and bounce.

You’re kind of forgetting that it’s okay to be alone.

Even though being alone totally sucks. Yeah, it totally sucks. It doesn’t mean you have to feel lonely. Unless you’re an anthropophobic hermit, as a social creature you need outside stimulation. It is necessary for social creatures like you to actually be social, you know, with your friends? Those people whose contact profiles have collected virtual dust? Remember them?

Yeah, whether you know this or not, they still care about you.

You have to know what’s good for you too. You can’t keep at something that only has superficial value. Have you adjusted to it, or is there substance there? Is it worth it? Is it really the best for you?

We’re having mid-life crises before hitting 20 and it’s because we’ve become convinced that if we don’t have our lives together by the age of 21 then our time is up and we are never getting anywhere. We have to know what we want by 16 and decide what we’re studying in college by 17 and have an amazing internship by 19 if you really want to make it somewhere, but let’s face it.

We’re not all box-office hits.

We like to make things work. And if it works out, then it’s great! Life is complicated, but if it wasn’t complicated then it’d be simple, and if it was simple, then we wouldn’t want to try. We wouldn’t lift a finger. The amazing thing about the complications with love, friendships, and the fucking future, is that once you get to where you want to be, once you’ve got what you’ve been working so hard for, once you see that spark that seemed to have disappeared–it’s like the whole world just got brighter.

Adventure Time taught me a lot of things. For a kid’s show? It made me a better adult.

Focus on yourself. Make yourself happy. The rest can come later. All these problems that you have? Some of them are imaginary. Throw them out the window–you don’t see it anymore, and now it doesn’t exist. Put yourself first, and for once, see where that takes you. I guarantee, if you focus on you, you will never be disappointed.

I mean, it’s you we’re talking about.



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