9 of 365: Interosculate

You hide your thumb in the space between your fingers, down the cheap wine in one go and let your body beat into the world your mind is escaping. Because your hand can still feel pudginess around your waistline you swallow another glass of wine, a shot of vodka, and half a glass of Jack Daniels before all of the weight goes to your head and your body becomes light, the way you’ve always wanted it. You can’t keep a single thought going, can’t string together any doubt because your mind is gone and your body is flying, hips swinging, arms wrapped around the neck of a warm stranger.

He turns you around, and you let him. He grinds into you, and it goes straight to your clit. You push back because you enjoy a tease, and he holds on tighter, like letting go meant his last breath.

One minute you’re rutting against a stranger on the dance floor, the next, he’s fucking you in the bathroom, nails digging into your hips, and you want it, you want it, you want it so bad, you want it harder, God, just fuck me like you mean it–

He does. You feel the sparks firing at the tips of your toes, the turning of your stomach, and the white noise that finds you at the peak of an orgasm. He tenses behind you, rides it out and there you both are, gasping together, his hands planted on either side of the stall so he doesn’t collapse over you.

His hands slide over your skin, and your thoughts are lazy, your body excited, but you’re becoming aware of how intoxicated you aren’t. His fingers are over your stretch marks, caressing your rolls. He pulls out just then, turns you over and kisses you slow, and you think–everyone deserves to be kissed like this.

“I’m–I’m Josh,” he says breathlessly, eyes falling to your lips and glancing back. They’re a deep brown, intense and beautiful.

You give him your name, and he smiles, wrapping his arm around your waist. This is different, you think. But it isn’t bad.

“I know we just–met, and all, but. I can buy you something to eat, maybe? I mean we just,” he laughs, his head indicating what they’d just done, “You know. But–”

“We can eat,” you say, because why the fuck not.

He smiles, helps you get dressed again. This is definitely different, and it was good. It was so good.


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